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GPO to Disable Spell check and grammar on Word 2016 – For Exams purpose

We have Windows 2012 Domain controllers and we have a class room of 30 PC and the students who are going to do the exam will be using these Windows 10 PCs.
Old GPO is already is already applied on the students OU and when students login into the windows 10 PCs,  restrictions are applied on the PCs.

Now we have a new requirement and staff would like the students to do their exams on Windows 10 PC using the Word 2016 application.
I have now created a generic exam user called EUSER and would like this account to be used by all the 30 students and once completed their work will be saved to a USB stick.

Now, I want disable spell check and grammar on word 2016 on the GPO.
1)      I have created a new OU called EXAM on the AD and within this OU I have created an exam user called “EUSER"  
2)      I have copied the old students GPO, renamed it as “Exams GPO” and applied this GPO to the EXAM OU.

Please let me know the setting I need to apply on Exams GPO for the spell check and grammar to be disabled.

Please let me know if I am doing it in a correct way and any tutorials and help much appreciated
Thanks in advance
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You need to search for the newest office related admx and then navigate through the office related administrative templates to see whether features can be disabled within the user portion.

I understand why you need this, have not looked for it, but suspect it is possible.
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Interesting project.
Here are all the template settings for Word 2016 from someone doing the same thing.