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FileMaker - Filter in a report

Hello Experts
I have created a database in FileMaker Pro to manage musical instruments
There is a table that has 3 fields
- Instrument Type (eg: Guitar, Keyboard...)
- Brand
- Model
I then created a report of this table. It lists all the data BUT I only want this report to include data for which "Instrument Type" is NOT "Guitar".
I don't want to mask the Guitar information (this would leave some blank part) but to exclude it from the report.
How can I do this please?
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The simplest way is to use the "Omit Records" option when performing a "Find" (FileMaker parlance for a search). Go into "Find Mode" by type Control/Command-F (Win/Mac) then enter "guitar" in the Instrument field. Directly above your layout while in Find Mode you'll see an option that says "Matching Records" which, by default is set to "Include". Change it from "Include" to "Omit" and then click Perform Find. Filemaker will then "Omit" all records that include "guitar" in the instruments field and show you all others.

Additionally, you can have multiple Find "Requests" both Include and Omit. Be sure to always do the Include Requests first followed by Omit. As an example, if you wanted to exclude both Guitar and Bass from the list you would start as above but while still in Find Mode type Control/Command - N for a "New Request", enter "Bass" and then click "Omit". And example of using both Include and Omit would be to find all guitars that are not Yamaha: Enter Find Mode and enter "guitar" in the instrument field. Leave Matching Records set to "Include". Then create a second request, enter Yamaha in the Brand field and change Matching records to "Omit".

Matching records and Operators in Find Mode



Thanks for the help!