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sql workbench

I'm working with sql workbench and still figuring things out.

How to set up a , created and updated column , with datetime value and have created date automatically set , when row is created and update the updated column everytime the row updates.

also , how to set up a default value for a column

I am trying to do this using GUI of sql workbench .
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Nick Upson
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so workbench is the tool you are using to access what database (which makes all the difference), e.g.postfix. oracle. firebird, sqllite, .....
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MySQL version 5.7
Are you referring to SQL Workbench/J or MySQL Workbench or other tool?

Note: you can do this from SQL syntax typically to set the initial default then you can use a Trigger on updates to update the column if your application doesn't send this automatically.
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Kevin Cross
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