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Character limit in excel cells

I've got an excel doc, that's ultimately going to be converted to a text file & used for a data import.
The problem is there's a 30 character limit in one of my columns that will need to be fixed before I can do this.
Is there an easy way I can delete all the rows that are not beyond the character limit?
The idea is to be able to send that doc back to the customer I'm doing this for & he can shorten the names as he sees fit.
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Assuming that the data is in column A and the remaining columns are empty"

Enter this formula in column B2


and copy this formula down to the end of the data.

Now select a cell on the data or on the formulas

From the Data menu select Filter

From the dropdown on column B select Number filters and then Greater than.

Enter 30 and then click on OK.

You will get your desired list.


Data is in column A, but unfortunately, there are 7 columns in the doc, none of them empty
Then do it in the first empty column.
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Insert a new column A.


Thanks to all!