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Mysql Vpn

Mysql VPN. do I share or connect Mysql using a Internet private VPN?   NOTE: I ms access as a front end....also Work bench to manage
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1) You'll only do this if you'd like to reduce your connection speed down to VPN speed, usually much slower than raw connection speed.

2) If you require max connection speed, you'll create a TLS cert to encrypt your data flow.

So anyone can see the data flow then, except seeing the data is useless, as it's encrypted.

3) For fastest speed, you'll run your site/app code on the same machine with your MariaDB/MySQL instance, so your data flow runs at RAM speed, rather than network speed.
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John Tsioumpris
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As others pointed out much more detail is needed

If you have ssh access to where mysql server is look at ssh tunneling
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OK. I will Mr. John Tsioumpris solution and go back to you if this works.
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thank you.
Best test your VPN speed, if speed is important.

MariaDB/MySQL already bake in native TLS support + TLS security is always stronger/faster than VPN security, because you can tune your ciphers.

With a VPN there is no tuning. Your speed is determined by the VPN IP you happen to connect through.