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ubuntu 18 ping is unreachable

i using ifupdown for ubuntu 18 server
after reboot i can't login to server (virtual)
ping gateway is unreachable but all my lxd on this host is up and reachable.
ping of the server is unreachable
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nociSoftware Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2019

Does the interface on your system (Bridge) have an IP address configured?

Does it have a different IP due to DHCP (without reservation)?

An interface can be used without IP address, it just means the host has no IP address. 

(Using ifconfig you can assign it an temporary address if needed.  Otherwise you can reconfigure the interface with a static address).

some bridge conflict with ip . i remove unnecessary bridge. it's working


we just wrote at the same time. but you was right. it was bridge.
Problem is i can't ping container when i am in host and container not ping host i try to create bridge and give this device to my container.
it's not working. i remove bridge