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Renaming existing Domain Controller's Name

 I have a question about renaming the name of the existing windows 2019 domain controller.
 Say existing domain controller names are as follows:
 and you like to change the names to:

 I googled this subject and found conflicting articles:

First, this article (https://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/103538-properly-renaming-a-domain-controller-server-2012r2) showed the following commands. I tried and seemed to have worked. I checked active directory users & computers and active directory sites and services  and I could see renamed domain controllers.

netdom computername DC1.consento.local /add:PDC.consento.local
netdom computername DC1.consento.local /makeprimary:PDC.consento.local
shutdown /r /t 0

netdom computername DC2.consento.local /add:BDC.consento.local
netdom computername DC2.consento.local /makeprimary:BDC.consento.local
shutdown /r /t 0
But then I found this article (https://www.kieri.com/how-to-rename-windows-server-2016-domain-controller/) where talks about:
1. Demote existing domain controller first.
2. Rename it
3. Promote renamed DC.

Which one is correct?
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Network Engineer
Demote, rename, and promote is safer. I have had long standing issues with a DC that got renamed, with weird flow file server performance. I will never do it again.

Agreed option 2
AlexA lack of information provides a lack of a decent solution.

Demote and rename is 100% safer, also I would like to point out that you no longer have a "PDC" and "BDC"

Active directory is exactly that, it's active and as such, every domain controller is active (unless it's RODC) and you then have FSMO roles, namely the PDC emulator which deals with  replication of passwords etc across your estate.

But no, you don't have a PDC and BDC in the same respect.



So the consensus is that we demote, rename and promote. Got it.
Thank you all.