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trying to add a multiple page pdf to a powerpoint slide to open within powerpoint

Trying to add a pdf file to powerpoint.  I have inserted a pdf file as an object into a powerpoint presentation.  Then I read instructions on how to make it active within the presentation by adding an action to it.  The action I have chose is :  mouse click - open .  When I do this all it does it shrink the pdf file.  It shows it normally (the first page of the pdf file) and then when I click on the pdf it just shows up like it is a thumbnail.  

All I really want to do is click to the slide of the pdf file, click it, and it brings up adobe reader to view the pdf
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This is the procedure to use. http://echosvoice.com/activating-an-excel-workbook-during-a-presentation/

Of course, substitute your PDF for the Excel file in the instructions. :-)