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Am I able to auto back up to teams in office 365


I have  workbooks that is on a network and im trying to save it to teams in office 365.  I have access to the one drive on office 365 too but I cant seem to be able to do an autoback up to it.

What it is that in the event of the network going down I can carry on via office 365 and save to that

Any ideas?
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Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010


If you're on Windows 10, Open the file Explorer and there should be a OneDrive entry on the left. Right Click it, click on Settings, then click the Backup tab and go to Manage Backup. Otherwise, you can upload the workbooks to teams/onedrive and always open/modify them from the cloud version instead of the local one. 

david Jogersaccounts



Im on windows 7 and when I click on the one drive icon it wont open and only opens via office 365.  How do I get round that one?

Senior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010