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Yahoo web mail not received by Outlook

Roger Alcindor
I have just created a Yahoo e-mail account and sent an e-mail using a web browser to my "normal" e-mail address. I use Outlook to receive e-mails on my "normal" e-mail address.
I don't receive the plain text test message that was sent from my new Yahoo e-mail address. If I send an e-mail from my yahoo e-mail account to my yahoo e-mail account then that is received by yahoo mail.
In bot cases the Yahoo mail web application give a confirmatory message "Mail Sent".
I have no issues receiving any other e-mails on Outlook mail. and in both cases the Yahoo mail outbox lists the e-mail messages in the Sent items.
Can anyone account for this ?
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Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010


Check your spam/junk folder in Outlook's systems to see if the message is there. It's pretty common for spammers to create new yahoo accounts, send spam til the account is blacklisted, then create a new one. So Outlook may just not want to recognize the new email address is valid immediately. Try adding the new yahoo address to the safe list in your Outlook account's Junk Mail settings (Click the gear Icon, select the option to view all options, click Junk Mail, add the address to safe list). Once that's done, try again.


Mail wasn't in the Junk or spam folders.
I added the address to the safe senders list and re-sent the message but still not working.
I found the problem. My mail provide IONOS also has a spam filter enabled and I received a notification of spam mail this morning. I added the sender address to the IONOS mailbox whitelist and it now works.
Thanks for your comments.