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Re-Install MS Office

Richard Korts
Have Dell PC, Windows 10. Have Microsoft subscription for Office. Had to reinstall Windows, all programs lost. How do I reinstall Office in this circumstance?
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Senior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010

Log in to Office 365 and download the installer from there. Reinstall it with that. You can install up to 5 times, and you should also be able to de-register the previous install, but that's usually more trouble than it's worth. 

Sean BravenerSenior Information Technology Consultant
Awarded 2019
Distinguished Expert 2019

web site is portal.office365.com  if you renamed the computer the same thing, you will not have to reregister the computer as Adam mentioned.  the link to register will be in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief Developer


Takes a while, but worked good!