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Folder Redirection issue.

I applied a test GPO to an OU to do folder redirection.  I am redirecting the document folder to a network shared.  I login to a test computer and redirection works.  

I replace this test GPO by a production version which the folder redirection points to another network shared.  I login the same test computer.  When I look at the properties of the document folder, I am seeing the test shared is being "cached" and it is not going away.  The test computer does receive the production version of the GPO.  

Someone knows how to fix this please advise.  

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GPResult /H c:\temp\results.html

You'll need to check the mapping and what GPO is doing it, don't forget if you are doing group policy preferences, you need to set it to remove the network drive mapping in there under actions.

You can right click, remove the network share, re log and it should map the correct drive for you.