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Can a computer wake and launch?

Elmos Woods
Elmos Woods asked
In a Windows environment, is ever at all possible for a program to launch when you log in from an idle session.  

Here's the scenario:

GPO launches web browser pointing to company homepage which is a portal when the machine has been started/rebooted and logged into.

User exits or minimizes browser to work on other things.

After some idle time, the machine goes in to lock/sleep mode.

User shakes the mouse and then logs back in.

Can that homepage be somehow configured to relaunch on wakeup?  My instincts and general experience dealing Windows and sleep modes going back to 95 say, "HECK no!!!" But I appeal to the experts.... Thanks.
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Couldn't you use a Scheduled Task with a "On workstation unlock" trigger to run some code?
Elmos WoodsSystems Administrator


Hi Daniel,

Oh my, I think you may be onto something.  Hopefully, that's the silver bullet.  Thank you sir!