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I cannot access Windows AD Share after installing Windows version 1903

Cannot use Windows Explorer in Windows 10 Pro. Version 1903 from work group PC to see a folder share on Windows Active Directory computer.

We have some test computers that are on their own network and we must configure the host file to use DNS hostnames those computers can recognize and access the A.D. names for folder sharing purposes.  The folder share access/process works from Windows 10 Pro. computers with version 1803; but if those computers are upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. version 1903 they can no longer access the folder share from the A.D. computers.  The Windows 10 Pro. computers that have version 1903 are workgroup PC's.

Earlier we would use the UNC (Universal Naming Convention, start-Run - \\PCNAmeHere) and then one is prompted to enter the Active Directory username/password.  Then they have access to the folder share.  When the PC is upgraded to version 1903 they are no longer prompted to enter a username/password.

The PC can still ping the hostname that is indicated in the host file and its IP address; but, explorer cannot see the shared folder from Active Directory.  Instead an erro comes up stating "Windows Cannot Access \\Servername_Here\Shared_FolderHEre".  error code 0x80070035.

My question is what can I do to get the folder shares accessible to the Windows 10 Pro. computers that have version 1903?  Other already existing Windows 10 PC's that are still working have an earlier version .. 1709, 1803.
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One may also want to reference questions: https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/29170482/I-cannot-map-a-drive-to-another-workstation-Win-10-Pro-v-1903.html

Its me and the question changed but its the same problem.
Jackie Man

What is the OS of AD?
David Johnson, CD

go to credential manager and fill out the connection id of the user in the windows section


username and password. 

now try and connect using explorer or use the net use command


net use * \\computername\sharename and enter the credentials domain\user password 

Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

#1, The OS of the AD is WIndows 2012 R2 Server.

#2. I will add the server name and sharename to the Windows credential manager.
       a.  Then follow up .


The thing is the user account is the Active Directory account which will change every couple of months.  What if other people need to access the folder share from that computer at different times?

I am just wondering how do I know if this will work if using the UNC in real time does not work?  Its the same thing, is it not?
David Johnson, CD

credential store is a per user item.


Is it worth checking UNC? You mentioned it used to prompt for credentials. I have seen environments just refuse entry because UNC security level needs changing.

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For a workgroup machine, you don't need the host file for AD access.

Configure 2 things: add the domain suffix in the NIC properties and add the domain controller(s) as DNS servers.

Then, with any windows 10, with an empty hosts file, you may access domain resources.


I will try these things when I get into work.  Question:

1).  Where do we add the Domian suffix on the nic card?
       a.  Nic Card - TCP/IP - V4 properties - Advanced - DNS tab - Append these DNS Suffixes (in order).
       b.  Is there anything else?  Can you be more specific with instructions for DNS suffix?

2).  We did not need to add the Domain Suffix before with earlier versions of Windows 10 Pro.
       a.  Is adding the Domain Suffix something new that is required in version 1903?

3).  Will I need to remove the hostfile entry?

"Nic Card - TCP/IP - V4 properties - Advanced - DNS tab - Append these DNS Suffixes (in order)"

Yes, that's it. if your domain is named mydom.local then that would be the suffix.

2 nothing new. I am not saying that it is required - having a default suffix set allows to use \\computername\share instead of \\computername.mydom.local\share (just saves you some typing)

3 it's not needed anymore and you may remove it.

This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.

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