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Need Cloud Based Backup

Looking for a good cloud based backup for Windows 10 PC.

Ideally, backs up everything EXCEPT programs, including downloads folder so that downloaded apps can be reinstalled in the event of a Windows re-install being required.

Want it to auto run every night at a time I define in middle of night.


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David Johnson, CD
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onedrive can do this but not scheduled.. it runs at a low priority

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“It runs at a low priority” can you explain further, is it running all the time or ?
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Daniel Pineault

You have many options

Acronis is one of go-to solutions
Duplicati is another good option for this.

You can limit the upload and download throughput to a fixed rate (the minimum rate is 50 KB/sec, and the maximum rate is 100,000 KB/sec). The lower the rate, the longer it will take your files to upload and download. Instead of limiting upload throughput to a fixed rate, you can also set it to "Adjust automatically." This setting enables the OneDrive sync client (OneDrive.exe) to upload data in the background by only consuming unused bandwidth and not interfere with other applications using the network. User generated image

My opinion (for what its worth) Why Bother backing up Windows 10. The OS is not important, and neither is your installed programs, if you have purchased the software you will have the licences and keys (they should be backed up) but install media can be downloaded, or (as I tend to do) kept on a removable drive.

What is important is your Data! And once a day backup is no good if you wok on documents and need to maintain document change history. Try working on a document for months, screwing it up and not knowing about it, and then not being able to recover it!

David has already mentioned OneDrive, Personally I prefer Dropbox, so much I pay for it (its only about 95 pound a year).

I syncs all my documents between my laptops/Mac/Windows servers. And it backs up my website every day.

I've never seen a client complain they cant reinstall Windows, but I see clients losing data every week because "I like to put my mail in a PST file', and 'I need all my documents on my laptop, not in the shared drive' etc. That's fine I get that, but then it's your responsibility to maintain a backup of it :)


David Johnson - OK, how do I get it started? Tried several "how to use" on the web, one totally wrong (shows pages my browser does NOT show), next one assumed I already knew basics.

There has to be a SIMPLE intro? or Not?

If not, I'll choose something else.

Do you have OneDrive installed on your PC?
Ahh, yes. I see.


I spoke too fast, I'm missing something.

See attached. I picked folder. It does nothing.

There is no clue about what is wrong, it just does nothing. If I try again, nothing. Then in a little while, it let's me click a folder again, does nothing.

What's the trick? I'm already leery if it's this complex.
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Daniel Pineault

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Oh, OK, I see the onedrive folder.

I put my live folders in there & work with them like normal?

That sounds real good.

Is there a way to make sure they are "in the cloud"?

Check by using the webpage, you'll see they will appear.  
Or install the OneDrive App on your cell and you'll have access to them everywhere you go!
Or install the OneDrive App on another PC, and you'll see they will appear there as well.