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Need help building a query

I have 3 tables
users -> users.id - users.email - users.username - users.password
reports -> reports.id - report_types.id - reports.date - reports.url
report_types -> report_types.id - report_types.name
tokens -> tokens.id - users.id - reports.id - tokens.start - tokens.end

I have a select box that contains the reports, it must show all reports but I want to option text color to be black when a token exist and light gray when a token table is NULL

<option value="reports.id">report_types.name - reports.date</option>

It seems to me that there will be a nested select but not sure

a more challenging part is the Select for the tokens needs to be in a if statement that returns false.

If more clarification is needed let me know.
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This is what I have so far, I need to add the table tokens and if a token exists, leave the color in the option text black in the select box
if($_SESSION['perm'] < 80) and token is null then I use a different color and leave the value of the option empty. also it needs to compare between start and end date
$client_id = 55;
FROM reports AS r
INNER JOIN report_types AS rt
ON r.report_id = rt.report_type_id
WHERE r.client_id = " . $client_id

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No nested Select's required. just needed to understand different join types