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PowerPoint VBA: Set default shape properties in template?

Bryce Bassett
Hope this is simple.  My client wants their default shape to be set to a certain color with no outline.  So I created that shape in a presentation, right click and "Set as Default Shape."  As long as I am working in that presentation, most new shapes I create have those characteristics.

So far, so good.

I tried setting default shape properties in a .potx presentation template, then saved the template, assuming new presentations created based based on that template will inherit those default shape properties from the template.  I'm using my typical VBA method for creating a presentation based on a temple, namely
Presentations.Open filename:="c:\project\mytemplate.potx", Untitled:=msoTrue, ReadOnly:=msoFalse

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  But the default shape properties do NOT carry over to these new presentations.  

What am I missing?
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Production Manager
I'm not able to duplicate your result. Setting the default shape in the template carries over to the presentation as expected, whether I use VBA or a menu to create a new file. What version and platform are you using?
John WilsonCEO PowerPoint Alchemy
Me too. Did you create the default shape and then delete it and save as a POTX?
Bryce BassettFreelance VBA programmer


Thanks, both.

Duh!  I was pointing to the wrong resource folder looking for my .potx, so my macro was pulling up an old copy where I had not made the change. Silly mistake.

Yes, it does work to Set the Default Shape in a .potx, which is then sticky for presentations created base on that template.  Thanks both for the quick response.