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MiicroSoft Wireless Mouse and Key Board

shaunwingin asked
Say, the Microsoft Wireless Mouse AND Keyboard has a wireless dongle. This has gone missing.  What items can we purchase to replace it? Is it economical to buy a dongle? We based in South Africa. Kindly suggest something decent that will be easy to configure with it.
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Most Valuable Expert 2013
It's not possible to get replacement USB Transceivers for Microsoft's Wireless/Mouse combos, they are factory paired with an encrypted connection. Not a great answer but you might find it easier buying a replacment from  brand which does allow other devices to connect like the Logitech Unifying Receiver (although this won't work with your Microsoft product.


Other comments.........

Each wireless dongle and mouse/keyboard set are "matched" to the radio frequency that they've been configured to use, this is set at the factory.

No two wireless sets have the same frequency to avoid "crossover" when two sets are being used in close proximity (college PC classes, family members at home, etc).

You'll have to buy a new wireless set complete with matching transceiver.
I suggest that you seriously consider a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse system.