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Upgrade from Mysql 8 to Mysql 8

Trying to upgrade Mysql 8.0.16 to 8.0.19 (latest) but i cant find any instruktions anywhere, only how to do  it from 5.17.
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Tomas Helgi Johannsson

8/22/2022 - Mon
Tomas Helgi Johannsson


Just follow the recommended upgrade procedure (which has not changed for a while ;) )


The short version.
Backup the whole database <- VERY IMPORTANT
Upgrade binaries then issue mysql_upgrade with recommended options (see links above).

    Tomas Helgi
Paer Toernell

From your liks:

"Before upgrading to MySQL 8.0"

But i'm not....
Paer Toernell

On "upgrade path" i can read

"Once a release series reaches General Availability (GA) status, upgrade within the release series (from one GA version to another GA version) is supported. For example, upgrading from MySQL 8.0.x to 8.0.y is supported. (Upgrade involving development-status non-GA releases is not supported.) Skipping a release is also supported. For example, upgrading from MySQL 8.0.x to 8.0.z is supported. MySQL 8.0.11 is the first GA status release within the MySQL 8.0 release series."

Perfect, that's what i want! But not anything about how, no link to click....
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James Murphy
Tomas Helgi Johannsson


As mentioned in previous comment then the upgrade procedure has not changed much for a while. :)
If you look at the links I provided you then this
As of MySQL 8.0.16, the server performs all tasks previously handled by mysql_upgrade. Although upgrading remains a two-step operation, the server performs them both, resulting in a simpler process.
Because the server upgrades the Performance Schema, INFORMATION_SCHEMA, and the objects described in step 2 as of MySQL 8.0.16, mysql_upgrade is unneeded and is deprecated as of that version, and will be removed in a future MySQL version.
and last this
As of MySQL 8.0.16: Start the server with the --upgrade=NONE or --upgrade=MINIMAL option.
is mentioned in the second last link.
The last quote means that you simply execute this command in commandline
mysqld --upgrade=MINIMAL

Open in new window

Take a close look at this link and read through to understand the changes which are easy to understand. :)

What OS are you running on ?

    Tomas Helgi
Paer Toernell

Hello again,

I'm running on Ubuntu 18. Sorry but i don't understand. I do not want some automatic upgrade, need control. I want to enter the necessary commands in Ubuntu command prompt to upgrade from 8.0.16 to 8.0.18.

Could You please give me a link to the page where those steps are described? Maybe its  so super-easy that they forgot to include that in the manual?

Best Regards, Paer
Tomas Helgi Johannsson

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