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New SSL cert does not show when opening the web page.

yo_bee asked
I received a newly issue SSL cert from GoDaddy and I am importing it into my IIS server, but when I go to the site the old one is still linked.  I have confirmed that the new cert is bounded to the site via IIS manager. I restarted the IIS stack via IISRESET as well as restart within IIS manager.

Any reason why I am still seeing the old cert when I open the page?

Thank you in advanced.
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Did you bind the new certificate with website?


yo_beeDirector of Information Technology



Yep.  That is why it's so strange.  

It's a wildcard cert.  

The only thing I did not do is reboot the server. 

" NOTE: In some cases the changes may not take place after restarting IIS Services and a re-boot is needed."

David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

There are many possibilities.

Better to test + know, than guess.

Provide your actual URL for testing.
yo_beeDirector of Information Technology



I did test from multiple computers and the the clients still show the cert that is about to expire.