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MacBook air will put periods randomly as the user types

Deerek11 asked
Hello, I have two separate mac book air's 2018 that as they type a period will show up, and this happens within all apps, word, chrome, webmail, their database software. I would think it would be a bad keyboard but the same problem out of the blue of two machines with the same problem ??? Any suggestions or anyone heard anything about these systems Mac Book air 2019
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Ugo MenaTechnology Director

I have seen two of the 2018 MB and MBPro have a bad keyboard. Not common, but not something you can limit out either.

Hopefully have Applecare on them.. Depends on the person you talk to at Apple, on how diligently they will take you through the tests.

Your mileage may vary, but it took 3 visits to the differert Apple Stores before they would agree to replace my keyboard.
Auto-add period with double space was turned on
Ugo MenaTechnology Director

Lol. well that solves that :)