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Convert Veritas Images to VMs and then to OVF (bulk)

Stan J
Stan J asked
This involves using backup images by Veritas using System Recovery 18.

There are several Veritas backups that are required to be converted to ESXi 6.5 VMs and then exported as OVFs

The overall process tried is to convert one backup image to a VMDK and then add it to a new VM, boot it up and then shut it down and export as in OVF format.
This takes a long time.

Are there any options in Veritas System Recovery 18 to script the process to get the backup images to a VM?

Once VMDKs are added to VM on the ESXi Server, is there an option in OVFtool to convert all the VMs to the OVFs?

What we basically need is a batch setup to convert Veritas images to VMDKs and added to VMs and then to OVFs

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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE Fellow)VMware and Virtualization Consultant
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I've not herd of any batch tools to convert Veritas System Recovery images.

There is an OVFtool for VMware vSphere, and can be done at command line, of via GUI.
Stan JVirtualization Engineer


yes...i know about OVFtool as stated in the opening question...

and it probably can be set up in a script to run and convert VMs to OVF,

I do not think there is a command that would do multiple VMs to OVF via the tool

Also,,not sure about Veritas
VMware and Virtualization Consultant
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Veritas is an odd format. Most tools relies around having a virtual machine.

I would explore PowerCLI and export to OVA, this can be scripted in bulk, as with many things using PowerCLI and scripting. OVFtool is rather clumsy.