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Exchange 2010 compatibility

I have a client that is running Exchange 2010 on Server 2008 r2.   Currently they have one DC running 2008 r2 & one running server 2012.    If I upgrade the 2008 DC to Server 2019 (or maybe 2016) will Exchange work?     I want to get them on a hosted exchange server but likely that would be after the DC upgrade.    I can't find anything that tells me if Exchange will continue to work.   Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance!
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Yes - I’ve just done exactly this migrating a business from SBS2011.

You can run a 2019 or 2016 DC and still have exchange 2010 - however I didn’t test with the domain and direct level higher than 2008r2.
That should read domain and forest not direct!
P.s. I hope you don’t mean “upgrade” and in fact mean “add a Server 2019 DC” and “demote the 2008r2 DC”!

I don’t like the idea of even attempting an in-place upgrade of a DC.

And I assume that Exchange 2010 is NOT installed on the DC that you’re going to retire or attempt to upgrade.

Yes Exchange2010 t will work but dont forget it is out of support.

And migrate from FRS to DFSR before promoting 2019 or 2016server to DC2019 or DC2016.

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Awesome.  Thanks much.   So hard to search on as all the results are about upgrading not compatibility.  

 It's worse than being out of support - they have wound up with a disjointed name space between their email domain and their LAN.   Didn't have any impact until fairly recently.  Moving to the cloud will make the issue moot..
Need to replace the hardware. Will be ADDING a 2019 server, promote it to a DC then decommission the existing 2008 DC.  I find this process to be easier and less of a nailbiter..     Not touching the exchange server at this point.

-->promote it to a DC then decommission the existing 2008 DC

Promoting a  2019 server to DC before migrating from FRS to DFSR will create replication issue.

I wasn’t giving a step-by-step on how to add a 2019 DC into a 2008r2 domain, just making sure the word “upgrade” wasn’t indicating an attempt at an in-place upgrade, and that the exchange server wasn’t on the DC if an in-place upgrade was going to be attempted (which it shouldn’t).
If you intend to move them to hosted Exchange, why not just do that first?  It will save you the step of moving Exchange to a new server just to then move it to hosted.
In a perfect world would but there are people that have to agree to this that are far from technical.    If I waited for them to be on board with everything, nothing would ever happen..     I have been pushing this for sometime now - ever since disjointed domains became a problem for email.

Also, I am not touching the exchange server - my question was if it would continue to work in a domain with a 2019 DC - that is the box I am replacing.
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According to that document, it’s not supported, however as originally stated, I’ve just done this as part of a migration.
Supported vs possible are two different things.

I would recommend doing a P2V into a segregated test environment and test what you plan to do before doing it in a production environment.
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