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How do I fix my server environment (roaming profiles/folder redirection)

I have a Windows 2016 server with GPOs that handle folder redirection, plus roaming profiles. I have a question, not necessarily an issue.

Scenario: All of my pcs connect to the server, all pcs have the features mentioned above. If the server is down, the icons on all pcs (desktop icons) go blank or go away. On one pc, the icons do not go away.  So, am I missing something in my config? Which one is actually working correctly, the multiple pcs that lose their icons, or the one pc that doesn't?

Follow up question. How do I fix it so they all behave the same?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Folder redirection means the data for the refirected folders remain on the server.
1) make the share/s where the redirected folders are available offlibe, part of the share configuration
2) on each workstation or if you apply GPO, control panel offlibe folders have to be enabled

What the change will do is the redirected folders will have cache data on each workstation that the user will be able to access when the server is offlibe.

Compare the workstations and configuration in light of the above.

Both could be correct based on their current configuration.

Hi there, and thanks for the answer. I'm a bit confused though.

What do you mean by make the shares part of the share configuration? These shares were created w/ Server Manager / Shares... is that what you mean?

For the 2nd item, I'm not sure where to go to enable control panel offline folders. I enabled the "Allow or Disallow use of the Offline Files feature" on the GPO

Please advise, and thank you very much!

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I think your second paragraph got screwed up there.
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How is the user affected different from those not experiencing this issue?

Do users establish the VPN and then login into the laptop while away, or they all login and then establish the VPN.

Does the user have a sync center message that there are conflicts that potentially cause this issue.

Have had occasions where the cache/offlibe file got corrupted.
On other occasion, the user inadvertently disabled sync on the folder.

As an example, if you have four such shares, the user has no issue with three of them.

Have the user try a direct access to \\serverip\sharename .....

The complexity here is not a complete inability to access, but instead a selective limited access.

thank you so much for your input