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No Overwrite on Excel Cells

Matt Pinkston
Matt Pinkston asked
I have an excel with a bunch of tabs several of which are just displays with formulas, how can I lock down the cells of the display only tabs so you can't overwrite cells.
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Finance Analyst
In the Format cells dialogue go to the Protection tab. Cells can be locked and/or hidden.

The protection only gets enforced once the sheet is then protected, Review tab, Protect sheet. A password is optional.
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If there is VBA code involved in the tabs that you want to protect then put this in Workbook_Open,

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Sheets("MySheet").Protect Password:="Secret", UserInterFaceOnly:=True
End Sub

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What UserInterFaceOnly:=True means is that only the user interface is locked but code may still be run for that tab.