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SBS 2011 corrupt Exchange

Have an SBS2011 that I have inherited, problem with the exchange database after a power out. A bad UPS and server crashed. Exchange is working sending and receiving emails OK, but Outlook is constantly connecting and disconnecting. Have ran all the eseutil repairs and it still says that the store is corrupt. Company won't purchase repair S/W.
Because it is only a small DB (8.5GB) with 12 users. I can easily backup up each account.
My question is, can I then delete the database then recreate it with the same DB name and add in the exchange accounts, then import each PST, would that still work with the SBS wizards?
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Server engineer
Yes that will work.

If you have taken PST of all mailboxes.

Then dismount the database and rename the database name to .old.

Mount the database which will force a new database creation .

Once database is mounted connect the outlook clients which will sync the OST file with new database and then outlook users will see new emails.

Then import PST back using outlook or from exchange server.

Importing PST from exchange server. Make sure exchange 2010 is on SP3.
New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Role "Mailbox Import Export" –User Administrator

Creating a Network Share for Mailbox Imports in Exchange 2010

Close and re-open EMS after running the above command:

New-MailboxImportRequest -FilePath \esp-ho-ex2010apstalan.reid.pst -Mailbox john.smith


Get-MailboxImportRequest | Get-MailboxImportRequestStatistics



Thank you   Saif I will be trying that this weekend.

Saif ShaikhServer engineer



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Make sure you take legacy exchangedn copied before. And add it back to avoid mail bounce back from autocomplete.
Saif ShaikhServer engineer


I don't think   legacy exchangedn might come into picture here since we are not creating new mailboxes for these users.

We are just mount a blank EDB file so that mailbox GUID is intact.

But anyways for safer side you can take out the   legacy exchangedn from existing mailboxes as suggested by MAS.



Thanks All, will let you know the result after the weekend.



That worked better than I thought, renaming the edb file was not enough as the log were a problem, I just moved all into a temp folder and it created a new database fine.