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Displaying outlook tasks in the calendar

Two related things in outlook concerning tasks and the calendar view.  I'd like to know how to do it if it is possible

I've created a task with a date and time for reminding.  I would ideally like this task to appear in the calendar day when I view the calendar as a month.  Alternatively I would like to see the task at the time during the day when in a week view.

User generated image
Doesn't appear in month view

User generated image
appears in week view but at the bottom

User generated image

So I want something like this, or at the time in the day when in week view:
User generated image
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I suspect that, pity.

Task begin and end are just dates but you can specify a reminder time with the reminder date.

Yes, you are correct.

Seems like it isn't possible.  But I can live with what is possible using the day/week view and seeing it below the details of the day.  Thanks.