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Access VBA code meaning

I have the below piece of code in a module. The code is run from Access and it's applied to an Excel spreadsheet. Can yo please describe what below code means as I may need to make a change?

 .Cells(44, C).Value = "=R[1]C-SUM(R[-8]C:R[-1]C)"
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C appears to be the start column. What does the R stand for?
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Daniel Pineault


R stands for Rows
C stands for Columns

in this form of notation the values are the offset from the current cell.  This is often referred to as R1C1 notation, see:
Thank you very much.


As Daniel has explained the R and C in the formula refer to rows and columns, but the R here,   

   .Cells(44, C).Value =  

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is a variable and represents the column the formula will be placed in.

Great. Thank you.