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Hyper-V replication between data centers

So, I have two data centers.  One is in Houston and one is in Colorado.

In each data center, I have one Hyper-V stack.  Several hosts, many VMs in each data center.

I'd like to send replicas from data center 1 to data center 2 over our internet connection.

Now I do this internally, between sites, etc, but this is my first foray into doing it between data centers over the net.

So, should I do it this way or not?  Obvousily I'd use certs.

Is there a better way?

Is it just a matter of directing 443 to my hosts and making my connections?

Lots of questions and I'd like lots of feedback.

I know it'll be tough to assign points and points hardly seem worth replying to such an overbroad question, but hey, I LOVE EE so here I am.

Speak oh wise ones!
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I do this between several locations and one main data center.  Works great.  I use 5 minute replication windows.  Only thing, I setup VPN between sites - I don't let it go directly over the internet, even with SSL.
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Yes, that's how I do it now, but I really wanted to try it over the net.  I "think" that's how MS envisioned it anyway.  I recall in one of my certification classes it was discussed at length but I was on day 10 of a 16 day boot camp and I didn't remember much after day 8!  I'll poke it with a stick a few times and see what it looks like.
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thank you both. set this up as I was waiting for answers and it’s working as expected. I’m going to replicate a couple of test VMs and monitor it a few days.
I would recommend, unless you have a really thick internet pipe at both ends, export the VMs, ship them to the data center and import them.  This will help significantly reduce initial replication times.
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I would def do that for file servers, sql, etc. I’m just testing with small OS  only VMs. the pipe is 1gig, but I don’t expect to get that.