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Coalesce equivalent in MS Access

Is there an equivalent for this sql statement in ms access?

FROM   dbo.tbl1 T;
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Senior Oracle DBA
Access has the NZ function, which is similar to COALESCE.

Access also has a TRIM function, which combines LTRIM and RTRIM.

Access uses & for string concatenation.

So, this should be equivalent:

TRIM(NZ(T.Name1, '') & ' ' & NZ(T.Name2, ''))

Pretty easy to google those 3 things.
be careful tho, as Nz does not take an arbitrary number of parameters, it only takes 2 of them, so it is not the same thing, Also some odbc divers do not like Nz, in such case you can use IIf([T.Name1] Is Null,'',[T.Name1])
johnsoneSenior Oracle DBA

That is why I said similar.  In the case it is being use, there are only the 2 parameters.
Yes you did, and that is why I said "in such case" I am merely advising to be careful should he have a need for that in the future and also giving an option in case his ODBC does not like it.
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Or you can write a function:

Public Function fnFirstNonNull(Paramarray SomeValues() as Variant) as Variant
    Dim intLoop as integer
    fnFirstNonNull = NULL
    for intLoop = lbound(SomeValues) to ubound(SomeValues)
        if not IsNull(Somevalues(intLoop)) then
            fnFirstNonNull = SomeValues(intLoop)
            exit Function
        end if
end function

? fnFirstNonNull(NULL, NULL, 3) => 3

? fnFirstNonNull("A", "B", "C") => A