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Excel formula that matches time values that are close but not exact

I'm trying to find a formula that will match two times that are very close to each other but not exact. They're also formatted different so I can't use the EXACT function. Pleae refernce the previous question which will explain what the situation is:

In any event unlike the two cells in that question, I have some situations where the times are off by a minute or so.

When the times are identical but formatted different I can use this formula: "=VALUE(G267) = VALUE(K267)" where G267 = 20:14 and K267 = 8:14 PM

But what do I do when G267 = 9:22 and K267 = 09:23 AM?

Thanks in advance!

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If both values are time values you could try something like this.

=IF(ABS(G267-K267) < TIME(0,2,0), "Match", "No Match")

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Wow, you're feeding my need for instant gratification. It works perfectly plus unlike another question I asked recently, I instantly understand it!