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Screen Capturing of the LIVE Webinar

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Last Modified: 2020-02-06
Hi Experts,

I listen to a lot of Live webinars, both paid and free, out of which recordings for a lot of webinars is NOT available.
Also it happens that I have to indulge in some important work and so I am not able to attend the Live webinar. So
I need to record such webinar. But If I try to record the screen, it also tends to record all the working going on in the

Is there any method / way / application / utility to record ONLY the Live webinar in BACKGROUND, while I can continue
to do my normal working on the PC.

I use ShareX app from here
Kindly note that I don't have any extra PC at my disposal, so recording of the LIVE webinar using second PC is not possible for me.

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do you have an extra monitor? you could then move the webinar window to the second display and work on your primary display.
There is this chrome extension called ScreenCastify (never have used it mysself) but it claims it can record a tab in the background.

Kanwaljit Singh DhunnaSelf Employed



Thanks a Lot Arana !

Now why don't I have this idea in the first place !

Seems like age is catching up !

Extra Monitor is Genius !!!!

Let me check the ScreenCastify also.

Kanwaljit Singh DhunnaSelf Employed



ScreenCastify asks me for Google Login, which I am not comfortable with.

So I will go with extra monitor.

Kanwaljit Singh DhunnaSelf Employed



Hello Sir,

I have arranged a new monitor. Kindly guide me to how to use two monitors on the same PC.

I am using Windows 10 Pro 64Bit - Version 1909 OS Build 18363.592

try pressing windows key + P  it will cycle thru some options, you want the EXTEND didsplay option, then on your sharex start your screen recording and select your second monitor, start to record and just continue working on your primary display, please dont comment about age or you will make me feel really bad lol

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