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Need to remove domains from SSL SAN so can i renew the existing SSL certificate?

I had to remove two domains from the SAN list in our GoDaddy SSL certificate for our mail domain.  The question I have since I received the new verified certificate is can I create a CSR from a renewal request on the Exchange server even though it will be missing those two domains? Or do I have to create a completely new certificate request?  If so, what is the best way via PowerShell to get all the information to fill the new certificate?

(2) Exchange 2010 Servers in a DAG with Office 365 hybrid.
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Create CSR command easily using this tool. Run the command in Exchange Shell. Add names required in the tool.
Paste CSR in Godaddy portal dont forget to check SANs added before clicking submit button.
Use the step 4 from below article and assign services.
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You need to redo it again,  Expedite a new CRS certificate from your exchange, add whatever domain such as

1- mail.mydomain.com
2- autodiscover.mydomain.com

Then, apply that cert to any exchange you have in your environment.
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Amazing help thank you.