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How to change a vlan assignment on a port from tagged to untagged?

I want to change the Vlan assignments on port 7 on an HP Switch.

Currently this port has no untagged vlans.  But it does have 2 x Tagged Vlans.

I think that was done by mistake and currently when I plug ethernet cable into that port no data comes from it.  I think the solution is to change 1 of the Vlans on that port to be untagged.

I hope it is as simple as:

>Vlan ##<enter>
>untagged 7<enter>
>write memory<enter>

Can anyone confirm?

Or should I
>vlan ##<enter>
>no tagged 7<enter>
>write memory
>unstagged 7<enter>
>write memory<enter>
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I wrote this ages ago, it might help you out, you can ignore the Cisco bits :)


You will probably break existing stuff if you do. tagged ports are there for a reason. You can definitely create a pseudo interface or either or both vlans on your host.
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The comments from Predrag Jovic, were perfect.  I did as he suggested and it worked like a charm.

To remove both tags (here 100 and 101) and configure port as untagged in vlan 101
vlan 100
no tagged 7
vlan 101
no tagged 7
untagged 7
write memory