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Needs to extract the last incident from a group

Building a t-sql query, and I'm stuck at a problem, I have an Item_Number that has a Item_Manufacturing_Date, that ties into Item_Sales_Date, that ties into Item_Warehousing_Date that ties into Warehouse_Locations, I'm need to find out what is the last location an item was moved into in the warehouse. I've built most of the query, but I'm getting duplicates when I run it, I get all the locations an item was stored at, and I only want the very last location, my believe is my joint(s) is not defined properly somewhere along the way, I'm pressed for time and would really appreciate a swift reply,

SORRY, I can't share any piece of the data I'm working on so that you can help me, I appreciate your understanding and looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks
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Ryan Chong
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how's your SQL currently looks like?

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Since I cannot post any real code, up to the part I'm stuck on, I tried row_umber, I tried Lead and Lag, and still not getting exact code that will select the very last location the item is / was on, I've provided in the question some of the data elements involved and that should be of help, I hope.  Thx.

or can you provide some sample (masked or fake) data, so at least we can visualise the issue and provide a suggestion for you.

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>> SORRY, I can't share any piece of the data I'm working on so that you can help me

As Ryan suggested:  Make it up.  You can make up a test case similar to what you want with any data you can imagine.

I'll put something together shortly.

Something like this:

 SELECT mt.Item_Number, mt.Item_Manufacturing_Date, mt.Item_Sales_Date, 

    wt.Item_Warehousing_Date /*, ...*/
 FROM dbo.main_table mt
     SELECT TOP (1) wt.*
     FROM dbo.warehouse_table wt
     WHERE wt.Item_Number = mt.Item_Number
     ORDER BY wt.Item_Warehousing_Date DESC
) AS wt

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Thank you Experts, you always come through, sorry for the long delays in updating this case, the solution was right on the money.