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Will it be ok to apply the new SSL certificate on a RDP server before the expiry date current SSL certificate.


My SSL certificate for the RDP servers is going to expire on 1st February 2020.

I have bought a new SSL certificate and will it be ok if I apply the new certificate now or do, I need to apply the certificate on 2 of February.

Any suggestion much appreciated.
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I know from fact ( i did it a month ago) that you have no problem applying a new SSL Certificate
I had a Certificate and before its expire i imported it and it replaced the one that was active.
I even checked on the RDP screen that i was actually was using the new one.
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I didnt have any issue applying certificate before expiry on RDP servers.
That is the recommended way of renewal as users will not feel there is a change.
Recommended to do after working hours..
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

So long as the certficate's "not valid before" date is before the date the certificate is installed, there should not be a problem.  (e.g., if the NVB date was February 1 and it was installed on January 12, then that would be an issue.)
The issued date cannot be in the future. if you renewed the cert, it hopefully should be. So basically no problem.


From the SSL provider , i had a zip file when extracted there are 3 certificates .


I imported the RDesktop_myorg_co_uk.crt to the RDP server - MMC- Certificates and to the Personal - Certificates
After importing , still the old certificate is present on the console.

I can see the new SSL certificate is valid from 29 January 2020 onwards

So can i delete the old SSL certificate now?
Yes. It probably won t matter if the old cert stays lying around, though.

Better remove the old cert at a time you can afford a little trouble so it does not magically happen at a later point in time.