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I receive this error when I am trying to select an item from a multi-column List Box.
"The value you entered isn't valid for this field"

I am not trying to insert anything into a field.
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Daniel Pineault

Is there any code behind that control?
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No it was created from a query and I have no formatting other than column sizing.  I am using Window 10 Client with Access 2007-2016 and the tables are linked SQL Server tables.
The listbox bound column is a PK field?
The Bound Column is set to 1.  The first field in the select statement is the PK for the SQL Server table that is being used to build the multi-column List Box.
I was able to replicate the issue by having a Control Source of a different data type than that of the Bound Row Source column.  So check your Control Source and Row Source to ensure they are the same data type.  Since your listbox is providing a PK value (probably autonumber) then the Control Source column should also be a Number field to accept the value properly.
Control Source was blank.  Row Source contained the SQL query.
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Thank you both.