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exchange and lync migration

i am in the process on migration from exchange 2010 to 2016 and lync to SBB 2015  whats the proper way to decommission the exchange 2010 and the lync server
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All that should be required to decommission Exchange is to uninstall, however it can be quicker to just turn off and then clean up AD

Youy might find this document useful https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Rapid-Migration-from-1daaee0c
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Don't really recommend just turning it off. May leave you will a lot of cleanup in ADSIEdit. Normally, once all your Mailboxes are moved to Exchange 2016, and you have migrated Public Folders, to Modern Public folders, you should be ready to remove the old databases and uninstall. I assume you have already moved all services to the new Exchange servers and it is working. If so, you should just remove the Exchange 2010 Databases and once removed, uninstall Exchange via Add/Remove Programs. For Lync, once you have all SIP accounts moved to the Skype pool(s) and services moved to the new mediation servers, you use Topology Builder to remove the Lync Servers from the topology and then publish it. Be sure to follow any instructions given in the to do list at the end of the publish. After that, you can turn off the Lync servers and remove them from AD.
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i am having an issue now mobile users on 2016 not able to setup their email