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Disabling autoplay in official, released MS Edge

Gene Klamerus
I just installed the latest (released) version of MS Edge yesterday and it's returned to automatically playing embedded videos (with their audio) when I visit pages.  This is especially annoying as I have disabled this on two previous releases.  It seems that it's reset or overwritten or changed where it stores these preference settings (last time I had to modify the registry).

Can someone tell me where I can disable this auto play again?
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  • Open Microsoft Edge
  • Click on the three dots on the top-right corner of Microsoft Edge or press ALT + X to open the Edge menu
  • Select the Settings option from the menu that appears
  • In the Settings menu, tap/select Advanced
  • Find the options related to Media autoplay
  • Click or tap on the combo-box to see all three options: Allow, Limit, and Block
  • To disable video autoplay in Microsoft Edge for all websites, select Block
Gene KlamerusTechnical Architect


The menu described no longer exists.  There is not "Advanced".  Have you seen the latest MS Edge?  There is no longer an advanced option under settings.  That's been gone for months.
Gene KlamerusTechnical Architect


Okay, nevermind.  I found the link I used in the previous beta release of Edge.  The following web page includes a link on how to do this.


This is what I used before, but was struggling to find again and thought I'd ask the question here.  The link asks the question on why MS removed the ability to block, but really that's silly.  The answer is ad revenue.  Buyers of ad time want their embedded videos to autoplay.  I'm sure MS got heavily lobbied to hide this option and the  "limit" option is more or less useless.

Thanks anyway.
Technical Architect
See my last comment.  I found the link on how to modify Edge to enable the block the autoplay of media