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MPLS spoke location systems with different IP subnet resolve with HUB location windows AD name server

Dear Experts
We have main office with Windows AD as DNS and DHCP server, we have following requirement
1.      Branch office is connected over MPLS network to main office, branch office IP subnet is and main office network is 109.0/24 both the networks can talk to each other, we would like to join the branch office systems to the main office Windows AD domain. Please suggest how and where to add this IP subnet in the windows AD so that branch office different IP subnet gets resolved with main office Windows AD, please help with steps on “HOW TO”
2.      Few home users connect to the office network using Cisco Anyconnect client VPN software with the IP pool series. please suggest where in windows AD to configure this IP pool so that this gets resolved via windows AD DNS.
Thanks in advance.
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kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

Nothing to do but make sure clients use your domain controllers for DNS.

If you have DCs in more than 1 physical location, then you should have AD Sites and Services configured.


Thanks for the reply, My AD network is 109.0/24 and branch office connected over MPLS are of 114.0/24 hence should I have to add/include 114.0/24 in windows AD DNS config please suggest where and how to add.
Network Engineer
You don't have to do anything.

Will you have DCs at the new site? Do you have DCs st any site other than the main one?

The one thing you may want to do is configure a reverse DNS zone, if your existing reverse DNS zone doesn't already encompass the new IP addresses.

If your reverse DNS is 168.192.in-addr.arpa you are set. Otherwise you can add 114.168.192.in-addr.arpa as a new reverse zone, and then your reverse DNS will be set.