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Powershell select-string

When attempting to pull all lines with, ('WilsonK21','integrate','119995

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[/code],*'), in the same line. My results are only pulling all lines with WilsonK21.

String example below:
2020/01/27 17:04:11 pid 9464 WilsonK21@20.Q2.NSI_1_PIR82850.L [Helix P4V/NTX64/2019.2/1856742/v86] 'user-integrate -n //depot/MMMMM/CCC_LLLLLLL/DEVBox/LLLLLL_PPPPPPP_MMMM/...@119995,@119995 //depot/MMMMM/CCC_LLLLLLL/DEVBox/LLLLLL_PPPPPPP_MMMM/...'

$LogContent = Get-Content -Path "C:\Temp\Verify_Integrations\Resource_Files\Kelly_Integration_Main_To_Libert_INT_Helix_Log.txt"
$LogContent | Select-String -Pattern ('WilsonK21','integrate','119995') | select line | Out-File C:\Temp\Verify_Integrations\TestOutPut.txt -Width 350 -Encoding ascii

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Please clarify all lines with, ('WilsonK21','integrate','119995
Do you want all lines with any of these strings, or with all of them? The former works just fine.
Please provide some sample lines that were not found, even though you expected them to be.
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Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for.