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SMB: How to share the whole drive?

I've got a 2016 server that we're moving up to Google Cloud Services, and part of it entails connecting a Google Capture Device to the network to move the data. We've opted for NFS Capture as the best way to deal with this, but I've never messed with this, and have a question:

I've mounted an NFS share on the drive containing the data I'd like to share. I'll call it D:. It's in a shares folder, and is empty. Am I going to have to move the data I want transferred over to this, or is there a way to simply allow the device to access D$? The drive is close to full, and while it's a virtual drive that I could theoretically expand, I'd prefer to not have to move the 26 million files over.

I attempted to simply create a shortcut, but my Ubuntu VM didn't know how to handle that. I assume the same will be true for the Google appliance.

TL;DR - I need an effective way to capture an entire drive on a production machine and have to use NFS shares to grant access to the device used to capture the data.
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Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010


Just right click on the drive, go to properties, click the sharing tab, then select advanced sharing and set up the share with permissions. The NFS system will need to have an account associated that has access to the whole drive. Just understand that this share will be visible to everyone. You're usually better off using a local admin account on the server to connect the NFS server and setting it to look at the drive's hidden admin share. Basically just configure whatever account the NFS system is using to connect to the server as a local admin and it will have access to D$ like every other admin. 

Well, I figured it out. I was missing something basic. In the server manager storage wizard, it gives you the option to select a custom folder. That allows you to define the root of a drive, which is what I needed.