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DFSR file replication 2008 to 2019

davidtolo asked
I have set up DFSR between windows 2008 and windows 2019, the 2008 server is in production and the file share that I want to replicate is critical.

I have set up two test folders.  If I put a file in the 2008 server folder it replicates fine.  

If I delete the files on 2019 it deletes them in 2008.  That's the problem, I can't take the chance that those files will be deleted, also I dont want to change the permissions on the folder level because I don't know how it will effect the produstion environment.
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Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010

You need to disable the replication link from the 2019 server to the 2008 server. That's the only way to prevent deletions one 2019 from being replicated to 2008. 

Scott SilvaNetwork Administrator

That is how replication works... New files replicate, and deletions also replicate. Not sure what you want... If you just want a clone without deleting you will need to use something to copy files on a schedule
Distinguished Expert 2017
IN dfs-r look at the connections, disable the connection from server 2019 to server 2008.

Note the direction.

Until you publish the 2019, no one should be accessing it. And thus, no one shoukd be deleting, modifying files there.
davidtoloTechnology Manager


Thank You!  That worked