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Excel file over 1 million rows to .csv without opening

Hey Experts,

I'm working with Census datasets with over 1 million rows.  The datasets are in Excel format.  I need to convert from Excel to .csv so I can work with them using MySQL.

I do not want to open the Excel file and do a Save As because when I do it ruins the data beyond 1 million rows.  How can I  convert from Excel to .csv without having to open the Excel file?

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Is there no way to obtain the dataset in CSV or something similar?

I would hope that most government date would be available that way, but call me naive!

This is one option
Convert XLS To CSV Files - Command Line Able

This too
Convert XLS to CSV on command line

There may also be an option to install MS SQL Express, import the data from Excel then export, though I havent tried this it would require some experimentation.
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I'm retrieving the datasets from the Census Hard To Count site for the state of Virginia and the Tract data is in Excel format.

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Also, I'm using a Macbook Pro ... I don't have access to Notepad.
I may be able to convert the data for you.

How do I select an entire state, I can click on a county (I'm from Australia so hope this is the corect name)
Thank you!   Yes, it's tricky getting the entire state.  To do so, you have to click along the state's border.
I want to make sure I have the correct data set.  Below is a screen capture, does the file size look correct and does the display of the excel data look correct?

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If this isnt the correct data set how big is the excel download you have? (Kbytes/Mbytes/Gbytes)
Yes, that's the correct dataset
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Thank you @mbkitmgr!