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Word 2013 - Multiple windows of same document open - How to close them selectively?

I have several windows (instances) of the same document open. How do I selectively close them without closing the entire file.
Example:  I want to close window 3 of the document. leaving window 2 and 1 open.  window
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NVITEnd-user support


1. Select your window via Windows Alt-Tab keypress. Or, in Word, View > Switch Windows > Choose window to close.

2. Press Ctrl-W, or pick the X at the upper right corner of the document window



I don't see the document window minimize/restore/close buttons. Only the application window buttons (see graphic).
How can I see the document window?
End-user support

Can you switch to each document window? If so, the red X in each should close just that document

NVITEnd-user support

Assuming that session of Word is the same for all documents, pressing Ctrl-W should close just that document