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Access Controls on form to format Rich Text in Long text field

Murray Brown
Murray Brown asked
I found  the following article on storing rich text in an Access table. Is there a way to build a form with controls that can be used to format this text in bold, italic etc or do carriage line returns etc

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I don't really understand why you want to build code for this?

Looking at a textbox on a form, under the tab "Data" there is a property called "Text Format" (Which is not the same as Format). Its default is Plain text (unless the form was build based on a table with a rich text field in it)

If you set the property to Rich Text, then the format interface should show up automatically when focus is in the field, and text is selected.

To be clear, its possible to build a coded interface instead of using the built in one, but we are talking hours of work.

Murray BrownASP.net/VBA/VSTO Developer


Thanks very much Anders. That's exactly what I need