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brian ramos

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remove zip password

I downloaded a training and it has a password and I know the password but every file I click I need to keep typing in back the password which is annoying. is there any way to remove this password so I can just click and play the videos ??
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David Favor
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Simple approach is to do this at the command line...

unzip -P $password $list-of-zip-files

Open in new window

This will unzip a list of zip files applying the same password to all.

Once they're unzipped, you can play your videos without going through this process for every video.
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brian ramos


I’m a bit confused. let’s assume in the folder is 10 videos and the password is powers123 how am doing this in command prompt ???
Is there just one file you are dealing with, a single ZIP file that contains multiple video files?  Or did you download multiple ZIP files, each perjhaps containing a single video file?  Or something else...

it is one zip files with many files inside it and everyone has the password
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Bill Prew

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thanks a lot Bill
Welcome, glad that helped.