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Need image of DW CS6 DVD root folder

Does anyone have a Windows DVD of Dreamweaver CS6 they could post a snapshot of the root folder here?
I’m having an issue with one I bought and just want to make sure I have the correct files/folders present.


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I don't but what's the issue?

Also, when did you buy it and from where?

Just as a side note, CS6 is getting close to bring a decade old. I know it's the last version with a perpetual license but it's not getting any more updates and the web design world is evolving all the time. The only way to stay up to date is to use creative cloud.
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I believe this person sold a copy that was the mobile version as the original.  And botched it.

First, it won't install.  Second, he named the setup.exe program set-up.exe instead.  And third, he didn't realize the original name of the program was kept in the Properties of that file.  Clicking on properties of Set-up.exe tells me what the original filename was. Busted.

I'll likely go to the current version if I can't locate a CS6 copy that is legitimate.  Just is a huge leap from CS3 to the current one in terms of a learning curve.

I won't divulge the person's name or source yet, but will after this is resolved.

Well I can tell you that the correct filename for the setup executable on Dreamweaver CS5 was Set-up.exe, according to a copy of its readme file that I found.

But that said, I personally wouldn't trust anyone selling Adobe software who isn't an official vendor. And no official vendors sell CS anymore (to my knowledge). Every once in a blue moon you'll see a 3rd party trying to sell through a site like Amazon, but that doesn't make it any more reputable nor official. eBay and Craigslist is packed with pirated copies.

You might end up just buying a cracked copy of the software, which may or may not work, and always has a chance of being infected with malware.

The only official CS product I still personally own on CD is Photoshop CS2 but that's probably not helpful here.

So if you bought this from an unofficial vendor, my personal recommendation is just to go with CC.
Thanks!  What are the folder names in the root of that DVD?
If you right-click on set-up.exe in Windows Explorer and select Properties, then Details, what does the Original filename entry at the bottom of that screen show?
The Photoshop CS2 disc is pretty different and came out 7 years before CS6, so I don't think it will be of any help in determining whether or not a Dreamweaver CS6 disc is legitimate, but here's the directory listing anyway:

06/16/2004  08:36 PM                49 AUTORUN.INF
02/24/2005  04:30 PM            13,842 Activation Read Me.html
03/25/2005  11:30 AM    <DIR>          Adobe DNG Converter
01/10/2005  04:20 PM    <DIR>          Adobe Reader 7.0
10/29/2004  03:00 PM    <DIR>          Adobe Solutions Network
03/25/2005  11:32 AM    <DIR>          Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) CS2
01/10/2005  04:19 PM    <DIR>          AutoPlay
10/15/2004  10:36 AM    <DIR>          Customer Support
03/04/2005  10:44 AM    <DIR>          Goodies
03/08/2005  12:32 PM    <DIR>          Help
03/21/2005  01:41 PM            12,793 How To Install.html
02/25/2005  02:37 PM           157,035 LegalNotices.pdf
02/22/2005  01:31 PM           142,049 Photoshop At A Glance.pdf
02/22/2005  01:32 PM         2,723,276 Photoshop New Features.pdf
02/23/2005  11:24 AM             2,773 Read Me First.html
08/02/2004  09:34 PM           159,744 Setup.exe
03/01/2004  03:43 PM               625 Setup.exe.manifest
02/11/2005  03:16 PM    <DIR>          Technical Information
08/10/2004  09:09 PM           126,976 epic_eula.dll
04/21/2003  01:39 AM           245,408 unicows.dll
              11 File(s)      3,584,570 bytes
               9 Dir(s)               0 bytes free

Open in new window

Remember CS2 came out in 2005, CS6 is 2012.

I -was- able to confirm that by CS6, Adobe had started adding digital signatures into their files, which includes the Set-up.exe file. Just for the sake of confirming that digital signature, I grabbed a copy* of Dreamweaver CS6 and confirmed that fact. So if that file is legitimate, you should be able to right-click on the file, then go to properties, and see a "Digital Signatures" tab. Within that tab, you should be able to see a "Adobe Systems Incorporated" signer. Click on that and then click on the Details button. From there, go to the Advanced tab and check the Issuer - it SHOULD be "VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2010 CA". Again, CS6 came out in 2012, so the Set-up.exe file should be timestamped in 2012 (likely April 2012), and the signing certificate for Adobe should be valid between December 2010 and December 2012.

So if you see all that, then the Set-up.exe file is legitimate, even if it has a different original name, like Bootstrapper.exe.

HOWEVER, do NOT assume that just because Set-up.exe that all the other pieces are legitimate. Cracks and/or malware may be injected within the payload content. The Set-up.exe file simply exists to get the setup process started, but it still utilizes other libraries during the entire process.

Again, if you purchased this from an unauthorized / unofficial vendor, I would really, really, really strongly suggest that you don't even try to install it. It's literally playing with fire. And since it sounds like you had already attempted to install it, I would make sure you have a strong, updated antivirus and antimalware installed. If you didn't have one at the time you tried to install it, then make sure you do a full rootkit scan (which should require a reboot and a scan from a separate bootable media that occurs outside of Windows), and then if you're clean, run one more updated virus scan inside Windows after rebooting. Don't use a free antivirus - get something like Comodo or Kaspersky - they're not expensive and they both do a good job.

When it comes to software licenses, you get what you pay for. Anyone selling really low-cost software is often selling pirated software. You're gambling at that point. The very best case scenario is you have lucked out and found someone honest about the thousands of dishonest. Every other scenario is more likely and less lucky for you, ranging from malware infection to the product simply not working at all (meaning you tried to get a nice discount but you really just paid for nothing).

* DISCLOSURE: I still own a license for CS6, but don't have the original install media anymore, since I use CC these days. I do not advocate software piracy in any form - the download was simply to check to see if I could find an original Set-up.exe with the digital signature intact.
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Thanks for helping out!  I also found out how they had generated the DVD--they used the application to create it.  Fortunately they create an audit trail in the executable itself that is hard proof of what happened.

Will give up on that avenue and license the current version--and pick up some tutorials. :)

Thanks again!

Thanks to both for lending a hand.  I miss the days when the Internet was a nice place to hang out in.  Fortunately folks here still have your back.

Just to verify, Adobe never had a portable version of this did they?  Or use a package called PortableApps?  I don't want to nail this vendor if there is a possibility I am wrong.  But I don't have a problem doing it if there is fraud involved.
Nope. They never had a portable version nor used PortableApps.

I'm 99.999% certain you're looking at a pirated version where someone used the PortableApps template launcher to move the activation out of its normal spot within the registry and into a local filesystem configuration. The only 0.001% of doubt is whether it's actually pirated / cracked or simply modified. Either way, it's not an official Adobe release, and no vendor should be distributing it like that.

Again as I mentioned in my post (and Jim just shared a snapshot of exactly what I was saying), CS6's executables should be digitally signed. You'll notice there's no digital signature in your screenshot. Legitimate executables are now signed by Adobe so that you can tell if something isn't legit.
Thank you.  That seals what I thought.  Will take appropriate steps accordingly.