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Need Campaign Management software

Need Campaign Management software

What kinds of web based system can you recommend that lets me do the typical things when managing a campaign? These are the normal CRM types of things, so far as I know...

Anything specialized to campaigns?

If not, what are good ones for normal CRM kinds of activities?

I need there to be a Cell Phone version, either an iPhone App or a Responsive Web App.

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ste5anSenior Developer
You need to make a comprehensive list of requirements. This also includes budget for buying (renting) the software as well as implementing disaster recovery plans.

Then you can triage available systems.
Fractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018
As ste5an mentioned, feature set + budget are required.

Here's a very crude breakdown...

1) Expensive - Infusionsoft/Keap, Hubspot, etc...

2) Cheaper - Ontraport, Active Champaign, etc...

3) Cheaper - Lead Pages, Click Funnels, etc...

4 ) Cheapest - https://instabuilder.com/v2.0/launch/

5) Most Expensive - Write your own.

To me, the biggest consideration is if the system you choose can actually produce high email delivery + Inboxing.

Most can't

I know this seems crazy. You can prove this by setting up a DMARC record + parsing/processing nightly DMARC reports.

So... if you're going to be initiating bulk mail sends, likely you'll require doing your bulk mailing through a Relay Service like MailGun.

Tip: Don't trust marketing hype of any system. Get a trial + test required features (like mail delivery + Inboxing) first, to determine you've made a good selection.

Note: To address email delivery + Inboxing, stick with systems which allow you to easily to plumb in your own Mail Relay service.

Cell Phone Consideration: Using a cellphone to check stats will be available through all systems. If you're creating complex automation, you'll require a large screen desktop system, as some of the automation action maps can have 100s - 1000s+ steps + forks. While you can do all this work on your phone, you'll be scrolling all the time + have to keep stacks of paper beside you (unless you have photographic recall) to keep track of where you are in your automation design.
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM Consultant

I thought I'd add ... Do you already have a CRM? If so, you should start with what option it can connect to.

Some CRM software will have their own Campaign Mngt module, others use third-party, and some have their own and still allow links to others.

FWIW, I use Act! CRM, which now includes a builtin CM