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Emailing crystal report

Ok, I have a report that outputs information about individuals one per page
I want to distribute this via email to the individuals, I know I could get some bursting and distribution software, but it is far too expensive. So looking for other ways.
My first thought is, can I add the email address as a link in the crystal report, I have some free software that woul burst a pdf file, which I could export from CP
Maybe then I could find something that could use the link to send the emails
All sounds very complicated!!
Anybody got any ideas?
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Mike McCracken

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You can create an email link in a report. Here's how

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Looking at the Visual Cut, maybe I have to bite the bullet and pay!!!
Trying to get the evaluation copy, but no success as yet!!!
R-Tag Community edition is free ( I saw in the other question you are looking for bursting. It is supported and it supports also data driven reports (for data driven option you need a paid license). Free trial can be downloaded directly from the link above.
I have purchased Visual Cut, now to work out how to use it!!
Ok having got Visual Cut
To start:-
What do I need to do in Crystal Report so that it can see the induvial email address
Guess I have to create a formulae which show the email address (but what should the formulae look like and where should I place it on the report?
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Mike McCracken

The documentation is usually pretty good.  Also the developer is usually good at answering questions.

I haven't used it so I really don't know how to do things with it.

Hi Gordon,

In bursting scenarios, if the database doesn’t contain an email address for each Group Level 1, you can use a suppressed Crystal formula (in GH1 or GF1 sections) to return a different email destination for each Group. For example:

Select {Branch_Manager.ID}
Case 101: ""
Case 103: ";"
Case 204: ""
Default: "";

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If the database already contains the email address (or addresses) associated with each Group Level 1, simply place the field in GH1/GF1. Again, no need to make it visible on the report. It, or the section it's on, can be suppressed.

Consider directing questions about specific products to the company behind that product.
Thanks for your help